Thursday, 20 September 2012

If I were privileged enough to teach again (& learn as much) at Nagaloka again

First I'd share the story of my last time at Nagaloka, the words of Jayaraja about how privileged he was to be served tea by the makers of a better (caste less) India: You are all still with me; those who have made the strongest positive impression (not necessarily those I love the most) are: Arya Maitriratna Sujit I still want to follow up all 16 students who recorded their 10 year ambitions. Just as with all big dreams, this is proving harder to do than to imagine, though the imagination spurs me on to make the plans and do the "keep coming back" to India as well as the emailing, facebooking, phone calls and checking in with friends going/coming back from India and the friends in common. I'm conditioned/hard-wired to want to "help" & at times to feel "guilty" for having money and for how I spend it; this is a naive approach to the worlds problems, I know. I'm growing into someone who knows my role is to be alongside you as a friend, giving my time which is of equal value to yours. Let me share with you the self-portrait which lays myself bare as just another "Duckhead".
If I get to be at the front of the Nagaloka class again, I'd again want to share and ask for your advice. Next perhaps I'd suggest we act out the play of this story:

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Monday, 30 April 2012

Priyadaka, Indian English vs English English, Giving my time rather than my money & what you'd like?

Priyadaka and I have been discussing in the last fortnight whether Indians learning Indian English or English English is better? Should I train as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language and offer this skill for 6 months from October 2013 at the Nagarjuna Institute, Nagaloka, Nagpur? Or would it be better if I just sent the £2,000 or so it will cost to learn to be an English teacher directly to the college? If you want me to send the money please say how you will spend it? Here's a playlist from me that gives a wide-ranging overview of what I work on /play with: (Perhaps a clearer overview is at A video I'm reflecting on about giving my time but not my money: