Thursday, 23 December 2010

Bishnu's Vision

13th February Update:
Dear Paul Sir,

Namo Buddhaya
Jai Bhim
After so many days how are you ?
How is The [fundraising] going on ? I hope all are going very well.
I am very happy to remembering you i hope your friends Dh.Bodhikeu,
Dh. Sanghanath are also very well.

Sir, i am going to reach my goal. This is very are process.
Now, I prepare for the entrance exam of JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University)
I want to do my further study and you know that i very interested to do my further study but sir there is so many difficulties for my studies due to financial problems.

When i was child at the age of five years that time my father suffer from Fever( Pralies) till now it was not recover. so, my father cannot support in my studies.I am the ealdest in the family. so, due to the not having support in financially may be i have to stop my further studies. And there is no one to help me to support in my further studies.
So, sir If you have shampathy for me, will you willing to support to continue my further studies.
Sir, you know about my dream and what i want to become for my society.
I am always thinking about the welfare of the other .
Sir, it a very peititic situatiion for me that i am leaving Nagaloka on next month to preapre for the entrance exam of JNU.So ,iam going to Delhi as there are some friends who are willing to be with them when i have asked about it.

Lastly, please give warm love and respect to all Friends in your Community.


  1. Now I am learning and practising the Buddhism
  2. After this year I start my study. I want to do Phd in English
  3. After this year I start slowly-slowly my dream
  4. After I complete my studies I work fully what is my dream
  5. 1st start to my village I make a small meditation hall then I slowly-slowly increase my process. 2nd to other village people. After that I will convince to other religious people also to learn meditation.
  • I will do that in anyhow, what is my dream. I shall try till I sucesses.
  • I  wll check in my dreams is going on or not. If not, then I try again and again, until I sucess."
To fund Bishnu's education costs less than one pound (sterling) a day; please see the request from Nagamitra for your support.

Maitriratna's Life Story
(edited by Paul Crosland)
My first memory is of being on my Daddy's shoulders, walking to the village. I was aged 3 or 4. Daddy loved me very much then; he still does. He never hit me; well, only once. That time he hit me on the ear, not too hard. Other times he used some harsh words and angrily told me what I should do. My mother's verbal abuse was far worse; whenever I did anything wrong. Both mum and dad loved me very much and the reason they didn't hit or abuse me more was because they didn't want me to become a bad boy.

When I was 6 years old my father fell ill and became paralysed. That paralysis has never been cured, despite many hospital trips. The doctor has said he can't do anything about it. When my father was paralysed, I wasn't going to school. People in my village asked, “Why aren't you going to school?”. I replied: “Now Daddy cannot work, he cannot earn the money for me to go to school.”

A little later I said to my dad “i want to go to school.” He replied, “As you wish; I will try to help you anyhow.” I was then admitted to the middle school near our village. I did well at school and have never failed in school. This gives me confidence that I will succeed in all things; though things will be difficult at times.

As a child I killed many insects and some small animals; all of which were innocent. This carried on for me beyond my 16th birthday. As I've understood more about what I'm doing when I kill an animal, I've gradually given up killing. I regret what I've done and no longer kill; I am much happier as a vegetarian now.

As a child, my father said that getting to class 10 was enough education for me. Because he is illiterate he cannot understand the value of study. And of course he cannot earn more money. He got very concerned that my leaving home to carry on studying would be costly. I'd said to him by the time that I'd got to 8th class that I wanted to continue studying. His response was to say: “O.K. You had better complete your dream and you will have to take some responsibility to do that. I am ill & I will still do all I can to try and help you with your studies.”

By 2006 my studies involved me travelling 12 kilometres from home. My class teacher liked me very much and searched for a home where I could live nearer to the school. He found a family where I could stay; the husband and wife only having one daughter and one son. I was pleased to serve the master of this house. I lived in his house for 4 years as my home. He always helped me with my studies & my economic problems. He always treated me like another son and thanks to him I completed all of my school -all the way through to 12th grade. I tried to help this 2nd father to me with work that needed doing whenever I saw work being done but he said: “You shouldn't work. You came here to study, not to work.” I found it hard to see them working without helping.

Please go now to the request from Nagamitra for your support.

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