Thursday, 23 December 2010

Preema's vision (Student at Nagaloka -from Chatisga)

 है मई अजय हु
मई पुल के सात काम कर रहा हु  इस वेब साईट को डेव्लोप  कर ने के ली ए कृपया इसे देकी ए और आने वाले समई  मई  इस को और डेव्लोप करेंगे

"My name is Prema,i am from chattisgarh.Here (in Nagloka institute) i am studing Buddhism. After my training,i will continue my study to become a doctor and i will try to make Babasaheb's dream come true.
My brother has established an organisation (Based on public welfare & non profit motive) SATYA-SHODHAK-SAMAJ,i have to contribute in it. i have a lot of study to do. when i will leave (Nagaloka) i will propagate the Dhamma.
Babasaheb had a dream to make India a buddhist country,i will try try to work for it"

Please go now to the request from Nagamitra for your support.

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